Even though all recreational cricket remains suspended until further notice, the ECB have provided us with an opportunity for the use of outdoor cricket facilities (nets and pitches) for the purpose of undertaking exercise, since the adjusted lockdown restrictions. Please read carefully our guidelines that
MUST be followed and agreed to if you wish to use the playing facilities at HCC.

Opening Times

The club’s practice facilities (one permanent & one square net) will be open on the following times,

Senior members 2019 season – Tuesday & Thursday (6:00pm - 8.00pm)  

Junior members 2019 season (U18) -

Monday U13s = 5:30pm – 6:30pm & 6:45pm – 7:45pm  

Wednesday U15s = 5:30pm – 6:30pm & 6:45pm – 7:45pm

Friday U11s = 6:00pm – 6:55pm & 7:10pm – 8:00pm

Sunday Junior One to One’s (subject to demand/coaches availability)

Allowing 15 mins between each booking.

Please note the facilities will not be available at any other times.

During COVID-19 the practice facility are only to be used by Hadleigh CC members (2019), this is for the safety of the community (sign up on nets)

Hazzard tape up when nets are out of use


Limit on Participants

- A maximum of six people per group maintaining social distancing measures.

- No more than two groups of six people are to be on the ground at any time.

- Senior members are permitted to train as a group of 6 maintaining distancing measures

- Junior members must be a 1:2:5 with a Level 2 or above coach maintaining social distancing measures (coach is provided as part of the booking)

- Only one of the permanent nets to be used at any time, the caged net will be used on either a grass wicket or the artificial pitch on the square to allow for two group sessions to take place at the same time.


Booking Procedure

Any member wishing to use the facilities must request a practice time 24hrs in advance with,

Ben Wallis - 1st Xl

Steven Tampion - 2nd Xl

Claire Levitt junior via email - clareylou81@googlemail.com

You will then receive booking conformation email reply confirming your session time and date. By booking a practice time you will be agreeing to abide by the rules listed in this guide.

All sessions MUST be booked using this process


The Club

The club representative will be fully conversant with the ECB guidelines and ensure that those present adhere to them. The club representative will be present for the entire session and will be responsible to wipe the stumps with anti-bacterial wipes after each session. The coach will provide first aid where needed.

There will be no access to the clubhouse, balcony area or benches



Rules for Participants

- If you or anyone in your household are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 you MUST stay at home.

- Personal hygiene measures should be carried out at home before and after use of the facilities

- Bring your own hand sanitiser to each session and wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after visiting the club.

- Avoid public transport.

- Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your scheduled practice time 

- Players must arrive and leave via the entrance next to the cemetery and ALWAYS walk to the left of the square when instructed to by the coach to maintain a one-way system.

- Junior players parents/guardians MUST park 2m apart and remain in their cars during the session.

-Players must avoid contact in line with social distancing guidelines and avoid touching equipment (nets, net poles, stumps)

- Player MUST bring their own playing/training equipment including balls.

- Each player will be allocated a coned-out area that they MUST place their equipment inside during the session. They will use this as their “changing area”.

Each player will be allocated a ball at the start of the session and MUST be the only person to handle that ball.

- Bowlers are the only ones allowed to handle the ball – batters gently knock or kick the ball back to the bowler after playing shot, do not throw it back in the usual manner

- Bring your own filled drinking bottles.

- Do not overstay your allocated time slot, you should be clear of the area by the time the next users arrive. Do not stay to socialise.

- Do not leave private property behind.

- No saliva or sweat should come into contact with the ball at any time.

- As always, the health and safety of participants is paramount - please ensure those using the nets minimise the risk of injury (wear helmets, pads etc.). as well as response times being delayed this is vital to avoid any additional stress on the NHS.

- Encourage all users to report any infection of their household following use of the facility to allow effective contact tracing and to limit the spread of the virus.