HADLEIGH CRICKET CLUB, SUFFOLK - Club Records - Statistics 1956-2019

In 2010 Richard English undertook an immense project to catalogue the senior batting, bowling and fielding statistics of Hadleigh CC players since 1956, the date from which we have a more or less comprehensive archive of scorebooks available. This has been on display in the pavilion since then.

These have now been updated to bring them up to the end of the 2019 season.

The qualification criteria used is the same as that adopted by Richard –


Batting                 1000 runs

Bowling                100 wickets

Fielding              40 catches


NB. Please note that these figures do not include tour, Suffolk T20, Under-19s or midweek evening matches.

NB2. The catches statistics are only based on what information the scorebooks provide – so will almost certainly be lower than the reality, because so much of this info is not completed especially in 3rd XI or Sunday games. So if you think you should be in the list, and aren’t, then you know why! If you want posterity to record that stunning take at slip, make sure someone completes the book!

View the statistics here