HADLEIGH CRICKET CLUB, SUFFOLK - Clubmark - Health and Safety Policy


  • Club officers will carry out a risk assessment before the start of each season.

  • A first aid kit, suitable for sports clubs, will be available in the pavilion at all times.

  • A telephone will be available in the pavilion at all times.

  • The gate at the top of the Meadow will always be open during practices and matches to allow access for emergency vehicles.

  • Team captains will undergo Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks following their appointment.

  • The club will provide appropriate protective equipment for all players involved in cricket practices and matches. Players aged 18 and above, may make their own decision as to whether or not they make use of the provided equipment. Young players, under the age of 18, must use appropriate protective equipment, either provided by the Club or by themselves.

  • The ECB Fast Bowling Match Directive and safety guidance on the wearing of helmets by young players will be followed at all times by the Club. These apply to all players under the age of 18 years.

  • The Club requires that all young cricketers, under the age of 18, provide medical and emergency contact details. The Player Profile and Consent forms will be used for this purpose. Completed forms will be held by the Junior Club and information about relevant players will be passed to coaches, managers and senior team captains.

  • When young players practice at the same time as adult members, there will always be at least two adults present at all times, unless a young player's parent/carer is present.

  • Protective clothing and equipment will be provided for groundsmen when any hazardous work is undertaken.

  • The club will encourage members to become qualified first-aiders. However, it is not Club policy to ensure one is present at every practice or match.

  • An accident book will be kept in the pavilion with the first aid kit.