Trail of new website and apps

02 Jan 2020

Happy new year to everyone.

As we mentioned at the back end of last year we're busy working away to make sure everything 

is ready for you when the season begins in just over 16 weeks!

We have several new things going on so keep an eye out via our social media outlets.

One of the things we are trying is a new website which also comes with a handy phone app

that will allow you keep track of everything going on at the club without having to log in each time.

All you will have to do is register on it. 

At present we are trialling it and have added a few members to test things out. If you are one of those

you should have received an e mail prompting you to register. If you wouldn't mind please can you do so

as this will really help try several things out. If we're happy with it over the next few weeks 

we will make the switch over and let you know that its going ahead (or not) . 

You can always check it out by either going via the website which is live at present . We're slowly 

populating things on there but as you can imagine we don't want to put everything on if we eventually

decide not to go with it as thats a lot of unnecessary work for us. 

If you want you can register yourself on there to see how it works for you especially via the app

as this will also help


Team managers/captains will also download the pitchero manager app which allows for team selections


Below you'll see a link to the website 

To get the app you 'll need to download it via your app store

(either IOS or android) ''pitcheroclub''