Revised social event calendar and forthcoming events

26 Apr 2019

SOCIAL CALENDAR 2019 Hello everyone. We're sure you're all aware that the club has a full social calendar

of events laid on for you throughout 2019.

If you weren't aware or haven't yet seen anything then see the flyer attached which is also posted

around the club and via our other social media outlets detailing everything we have on offer.

We'd love to see as many of you at each event as possible as this not only helps us financially but

also brings members and friends together that might not otherwise get the chance to see each other

especially during the season when we're here ,there and everywhere. The next Event we have is

Zimbabwe day & Night on May 11th .

Why Zimbabwe you ask?

Well it was always going to be based on our overseas player Who this year is Kudzai Maunze

and yes you've guessed it ,is from Zimbabwe.

We also have two other guys at the club that hail from there two in Nadie Abdul and Ryan Phillips ,

so not doubt they'll be happy too!

They'll be music, food and drinks that will give you a flavour of Zimbabwe for the day and evening .

After that we have a great event which is our Cocktail party night where we have a professional

cocktail bartender offering both expertise and hints to create great cocktails .

We will also be promoting our very own new Hadleigh cocktail on the night!!

(there's also a full blown disco on the night too) Thats on 22 June . We've had a few changes

to the calendar so please take a minute to check things out and hopefully

we'll see you at some of this years events.