HCC additional photo shoot for profile images

23 Apr 2019

Morning Everyone,

Hopefully you had a great Easter break and are now fully zoned in for cricket.

We had a fantastic weekend at the club and for those that were there for either the match or the evening 

social , hopefully you enjoyed both as the weather really helped as it always does.

We recently had our player/member profile shoot which was reasonably well attended however, we have 

a few that couldn't make that date and so we've arranged a further session for

tomorrow (WEDNESDAY ) 24 TH April from 6pm at the clubhouse

This really is the last one we're doing as it's quite a long set up and take down so not something

we can keep offering. 

If you want a new profile photo for either yourself or someone in the family that plays for the club

or just has a role within the club such as team manager or something on the committee then

please pop in as we'll be there most of the evening for you.

Remember though this will be the last one this season ,so if you want one done then this is it!

open to all adults and juniors

see you there.