One last table for the quiz has come available

27 Feb 2019

We still have one table free to book for this Saturdays quiz night.

All the tables have been laid out with our new furniture too!

The bar has all be redone and we're ready to showcase it all to a full audience.

Even Ben Daniels looks miserable in the photo that there's the possibility of a vacant table. As Barry Davies once said of Frannie Lee 'Look at his face ,just look at his face'

Dave the Chairman is getting twitchy as it was full but now a team dropped out and he thinks, quite rightly that it'll look really odd if we have just one table vacant and empty. Rather like a family that headed off into space and never returned time, or something like that anyway. It'll be weird regardless!

So someone that hasn't yet booked and knows they'll be sitting at home wishing they'd used their expertise to answer those unanswerable questions ,needs to get in contact with Dave right now.

He's actually sitting by his phone and computer waiting for you to contact him. Make his day eh? #emptytable #swissfamilyrobinson