Updates for everyone

14 Jan 2019

Good Evening,

please find attached 2 files showing

1) Training dates and times for winter net sessions

These have been booked at St Joes and will run from End of this month through to Beginning of April

Coaches and captains are really looking for players to attend as many sessions as possible. That includes Men, women & aspiring juniors that have either been playing adult cricket or are likely to this season as well as invited aspiring ones too.

2) Full list of social events for 2019.

We are trying hard to ensure the members of the club have a great opportunity to socialise this year both on and off season. We have a great list of events each month . There will be more to come for each individual adult sides as well as plenty going on during the junior season on friday evenings. Keep any eye open on social media for this extra events. which leads us nicely to...

3) list of social media platforms for Hadleigh CC

We are trying to cover all bases by being as proactive on social media and whilst we're in the depths of winter we are still trying to find as much for you through all our channels to keep up to date with everything that gores on at the club. Most people have access to social media and we're sure there's at least one way for you to keep up with us, so please check the list, find us and follow, share,like and subscribe. The more that view and share the better the club can reach, attracting both potential players and sponsors.


Finally, don't forget our first event of the year with Adidas bringing a selection of new club wear and sizes ranging from adult through to junior . Please feel free to pop down and say hello, take a look and try a few items on for size.