Hadleigh cricket club and social media for 2019

03 Dec 2018

As 2018 draws to a close its been another eventful season both on and off the pitch for the club. Recently we had the clubs AGM which although well attended could always benefit from extra voices with good ideas and the willingness to help the club continue to move forward. In 2019 the club will face some stern tests not only playing cricket from juniors, ladies and adults but also off the pitch with the changes to Babergh Council offices to residential accommodation.

With all of this comes the necessity for many individuals to volunteer a lot of their own time, dedicating many hours to help the club function on an annual basis. One of the discussion points we had during the AGM was the need for the cricket club to not only come together more as a club , ensuring we both work together but also socialise together in order to maximise this clubs potential. We also need to market ourselves a little better and will therefore be a lot more active in and around the Hadleigh area . We're sure you'll see a difference as the year goes by.

We are always looking for people to help whether it's through playing members joining or sponsors allowing us to develop the club through new additions and programmes.

One of the most beneficial means to get our message out to the wider public is through social media. Just about all of us use this form of communication and the club is no different in understanding its amazing potential for coverage. Can we therefore ask each and every member that receives this message to follow or subscribe if they haven't already the cricket club via Facebook, twitter, instagram and also our new youtube channel which will have a steady new stream of video content. Not only is it great to follow us but also one of the most important things is to share any content as this will then appear on your feeds and spread the Hadleigh CC message still further.

Listed below are the links

twitter: @HadCC_Suffolk

instagram: hadleighcricketclub

facebook:Hadleigh cricket club,suffolk

youtube:Hadleigh cricket club

Thank you so much and keep any eye and ear open to lots of new social events coming up throughout 2019.