Clubmark Reaccreditation

05 Oct 2018

Hi All,


We are delighted to report that thanks to the hard work and commitment of our volunteers the club has passed its ECB Clubmark Annual Health Check.


While we apply for Clubmark re-accreditation every three years (the last in 2017), in the intermittent years we have to give effectively an annual report to the ECB that shows we are on track, membership & participation targets are being hit etc and that we are continuing to maintain our child welfare standards. We are hearing that some EAPL clubs are struggling with their checks being approved so this is a great piece of news.


The ECB have written to us to say that “having a network of safe, family friendly and well organised clubs is vital for the future of the game and maintaining Clubmark status shows that you and your volunteers are at the forefront of this.”


Well done to everyone that has been involved in making this happen.


Best wishes

Dave Mann (Club Chairman)